Saturday, May 11, 2013

Micro LED projector




Tech Specs:

Screen Size: 4.5 Meters!
Resolution: 1920 X 1080
Lumens: 230
LED: 48W
Projection Distance: 1M to 8M
Lamp Life: 20,000+ Hours
Weight: 600 Grams
Price: $399

White LED Home Projector

Here is a great looking HD LED projector in white - This HQ projector is bright, putting out 2000 lumens, and doing a massive 150+ inch screen. Fully HD compatible, this HQ led projector plays any type of format videos, can plug direct into your PC or laptop, HDMI port, AV ports, S video and more.




Tech Specs:

Screen Size: 60 to 120 Inches
Lumens: 2000
Projection Distance: 1M to 4M
Weight: 3KG
Lamp Life: 20,000+ Hours
Resolution: 800 X 600
Price: $439

Android OS Portable LED Projector

This is one of the most powerful micro LED projectors on the market, it has the Android OS built in, meaning you can install games and apps on this portable LED projector! This mini projector is TINY, has a great little stand and can read any video format out there!

Tech Specs:

Image Size: 7 Inches to 120 Inches
Lumens: 20
Resolution: 800 X 600
Cpu: 600 Mhz Dual Core
Lamp Life: 20,000+ Hours
Ram: 256MB
Audio: 1.5 Watt Speaker
Price: $499

Black LED home projector

Here is a very high quality and durable LED projector, it features a massive 150 inch screen size, full HDMI support, along with reading USB sticks, micro SD cards, portable HDD players, and nearly any type of video format. A great quality projector at less then 50% of retail cost!

Tech specs:

Resolution: 800 X 600
Lumens: 2000
LED: 100W
Image Size: 50 to 150 inches
Audio: 3 Watt Speaker
Projection distance: 1.8M to 4M
Lamp Life: 20,000+ hours

Price: $469